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18 Karat - Denied bail

Das Bild zeigt Rapper 18 Karat im Profil. Er trägt einen schwarzen Pullover mit gelben Gucci Muster und eine goldene Maske über dem Gesicht. Um den Hals hängt eine große Goldkette.

About four months ago, the rapper 18 Karat was arrested during a raid. Through EncroChat investigations it became known that the supreme leader smuggled, among other things, 80 kilograms of cannabis from Holland to Germany and sold it to other dealers here. For a long time there was almost no information about the rapper's current prison situation, let alone when 18 Karat would be released. Rapper Buddy Bojan even promised a possible sentence of seven years.

Mrs Karat: 18 Karat is doing well so far

After many months of waiting, Mrs. Karat announces information on the current situation of the Dortmund rapper for the first time. On Instagram, the 18-karat woman took a stand on the current situation surrounding the Supremos label boss.

"He's fine given the circumstances, not doing a joy dance in there is probably logical, but he's doing well and is strong. I mean we live out here in freedom, only someone who has been there can know what that feels like."

"23 hour cell 1 hour yard exercise"

According to Mrs. Karat, the rapper didn't get special treatment for his celebrity status for the first few months — quite the opposite! The daily routine was 23 hours in the cell and one hour of exercise in the yard. That has recently changed. After several months, 18 Karat can finally pursue a more regulated everyday life. In addition to work, the label boss is now also allowed to spend three hours a day with other prisoners and, for example, cook together.

18 Karat denied release due to risk of absconding

The rapper is only allowed to receive visitors twice a month and only under surveillance. So far, the Dortmund rapper's legal team has not been able to obtain bail. According to his wife, the public prosecutor's office assumes that there is an acute risk of absconding at 18 carats. Additional appointments for visits or telephone calls were also rejected without further information.

It is unlikely that 18 Karat will get away without a prison sentence for the crimes he has committed. According to Mrs. Karat, the rapper is still in custody awaiting the start of his trial. It is not yet known when this will be. With the coming legalization of cannabis, however, the sentence could be significantly reduced, since the case law must also be adapted accordingly. We keep an eye on the topic for you and keep you in the loop.

Source: KBE,

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