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Amar47 threatens Bözeman-Signing Ayouni with punches

Das Bild ist schwarz weiß und zeigt Rapper Amar47 vor einer Hauswand. Er trägt eine graue Jogginghose und ein schwarzes T-Shirt. Um den Hals hat er eine Silberkette.

Newcomers Amar47 and Bözemann-Signing Ayouni have been holding a public beef for over a year. Both parties blame each other. A phone call also seems to play a role in the beef. The exact background of the dispute is so far unclear.

Beef escalated in the boxing match between Mo Abdallah and Sinan-G

In the "Universum Boxing" fight between Sinan-G and Mo Abdallah, the situation finally escalated completely. The beef between Ayouni and Amar47 thus reached its preliminary high point. Away from the boxing event, Ayouni and Amar47 attacked each other and fought a physical fight. The camps of the two rappers intervened and settled the dispute – for the time being!

Bözemann intervenes in Beef

Even after Ayouni's label boss Bözemann got involved and dropped an announcement on Insta to Abu Hamza, who seems to be Amar47's cousin, the beef didn't end.

A reply from Abu Hamza was not long in coming. According to him, Bözemann's rapper Ayouni is still responsible for the dispute and should now be responsible for his "big face".

"Your signing has a big face. Don't make announcements online. We'll work this out any way you'd like. I'll be near Stuttgart in a few days anyway and I know where to find you. If you have anything to say, you have my number. I'm coming. An old companion of mine once said: If you speak publicly, you will get a public answer.”

Amar47 threatens Ayouni in live stream

But that was not the end of the dispute. In a live stream, Amar47 really took off again and dropped a fat announcement in the direction of Ayouni. He threatens Bözemann-Signing to break him.

The beef of the two rappers now seems to be really picking up speed. An answer from Bözemann Camp is still pending. The two brawlers should probably clarify their beef in the ring of "Universum Boxing". We keep you in the loop. As soon as there is new information on the topic - you will hear it from us first!

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