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Capital Bra - Fan leaks voice message about Kay Ay

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Capital Bra. Er steht vor einem Spiegel und trägt ein schwarzen Pullover und ein schwarzes Basecap. An seinem linken Arm ein silberne Uhr und um den Hals eine Silberkette. Mit rechte Mittelfinger zeigt nach oben in Richtung Himmel.

In the last few weeks there has been a lot of wind around the Berlin rapper Capital Bra. Capi's label "Bra Musik" and the Bratan have separated and are now going their separate ways. Unfortunately, Capi's Signing NGee also fell victim to the separation. Afterwards, he shot sharply at his former label boss and accused him of working with the police on Instagram. Team Kuku rapper Kay Ay also spoke to Insta and publicly dubbed Capital Bra a "junkie" along with NGee.

No official statement from Capital Bra

Relatively reserved for its circumstances, Capital Bra occasionally spoke from Thailand, Berlin and Dubai. However, this only denied the allegation of drug addiction. Furthermore, the Berlin rapper was rather reluctant to make statements on the above-mentioned topics. However, he announced that he was doing well so far and that one should not believe everything that was said.

Leaked on TikTok: Capital Bra talks about Kay Ay

Another statement from Capital Bra on the current situation has now surfaced. A fan wrote to Bratan on Instagram asking him what rapper Kay Ay had to do with the whole situation. What the fan probably didn't expect - Capi actually answered him with a voice message. And the said fan now leaked exactly this voice message on TikTok.

"I kiss your heart, don't worry. Thank you to everyone who has my back, I kiss your hearts. I swear to you, thank you too. But don't take it seriously, look at these [?]. What shit is he talking about there brother. He knows nothing about gaaar, but talks something. Let them do it, let them all talk. God is big brother believe me he sees everything.”

Conclusion: much talk about nothing. What exactly is going on at rapper Capital Bra, the label "Bra Musik", NGee and Kay Ay is something they probably only know themselves. We hope that all parties can somehow come to an agreement and that Bratan will soon find some peace again. As always, we're keeping an eye on the topic for you. As soon as there is new information about Capital Bra - you will hear about it from us first!

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