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Eno separates from Xatar and AON

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Eno im Profil in einem Raum mit Spiegeln. Er trägt weiße Klamotten hat die Händ zusammengefaltet und seine Kopf in Richtung Hände geneigt.

In 2016, rapper Eno started rapping while he was in college. Initially self-directed YouTube videos filmed with a cell phone. In the same year, Xatar picked up the young man from Wiesbaden and signed him under his then label “Head Ticker Records”. After Xatar flattened his label and founded "Alles oder Nix", Xatar signed Eno again because he saw great potential in him. He was right - his most successful track "Penthouse" is now listed on YouTube with a whopping 36 million views.

Eno drops new album "Brot"

Everything seemed to be going perfectly so far. Xatar and Eno celebrated many successes together. Most recently, Eno even played a role in Xatar's feature film "Rheingold". The 24-year-old played the young version of rapper "SSIO" in the film. On Friday, October 28th, 2022, Eno dropped his new album "Brot" - probably the last album under label boss Xatar.

Xatar and Eno go their separate ways

The Wiesbaden rapper surprisingly announced his separation from Xatar on the LinkedIn business network. After seven years the collaboration is over. Ein and Xatar are now going their separate ways. It's time for Eno to start a new chapter. Still, he thanked him for everything Xatar had done for him.

"No matter how much I thank Giwar H. (Xatar), it is impossible to put into words what he has done for me"

Eno wants to realize his vision

Eno clearly owes his success to Xatar. He practically got the 24-year-old off the street and made Eno what he is today. For Eno, however, it's time to move on to "realize his vision." The Wiesbaden rapper leaves open what exactly that means, but promises that there will be news soon.

As always, we keep an eye on the topic for you. As soon as there is new information about Eno, you will hear it from us first.

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