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Rappers are ashamed of the national team

Das Bild zeigt links Rapper Capital Bra mit einem weiß, schwarzem Jogginganzug. Rechts den rapper Ngee. Dieser trägt ebenfalls den gleichen weiß schwarzen Jogginganzug wie Capital Bra.

After the past arithmetic thriller, the result of which unfortunately meant the end of the World Cup for the German national team, many rappers are disappointed. Most of them don't criticize the performance of the professional athletes, but rather the fact that sport and politics have been mixed up here, which killed the last bit of World Cup feeling. Instead of convincing football, it was more superficial to discipline hosts Qatar for the fact that human rights play a subordinate role here. The impetus for this was set by the federal government, which criticizes the human rights situation on the ground, while at the same time concluding long-term energy contracts with the sultanate. The double role imposed on the national team, as human rights ambassador/footballer, meant that Germany – despite good players – was unable to keep up with the top teams at this World Cup. Rather, Germany now has the reputation of double standards. As an expression of this, German fans were said goodbye by many Qataris with Özil posters when they left the stadium after the end. There were even occasional fisticuffs. Not a good image that Germany is leaving behind internationally. Many fans, including some German rappers, are disappointed.

World Cup in Qatar

Actually, this year's World Cup should have taken place long ago. For more than 100 years, the World Cup has been held every 4 years in summer, around the months of June and July. Due to the climatic conditions in the host country, Qatar, it was postponed to the winter. The World Cup started on November 20th. For many football fans, such an event simply belongs in the summer, which is why only a few could get used to the idea of ​​a winter World Cup. It also completely messes up the season calendar for all players and teams. However, there is of course another reason why the choice of the World Cup venue is not without controversy. Many fans announced that they would boycott the World Cup because of the sometimes inhumane working conditions in Qatar. According to reports, 15,000 people have died over the past few years from the construction of football stadiums, hotels and other related construction projects.

German national team

Nevertheless, all qualified nations competed at the World Cup - the German national team was also among them. This drew new hope after the preliminary round in 2018 and the early end in the European Championship last year. Under the new national coach Hansi Flick, they wanted to reach the final as a self-declared goal this year. The start was not very promising - last Tuesday the Japanese team lost 2-1 after 90 minutes. Although the DFB team took a 1-0 lead, they conceded two more goals in the second half. Against Spain they managed a 1-1 draw in a more convincing performance. A win against Costa Rica was needed today to reach the round of 16 – on condition that Spain beat Japan in the parallel game. But the worst-case scenario happened: although the German team did their homework and won 4-2 against Costa Rica, Spain lost 2-1 to fierce Japanese in the parallel game. The end result: Japan and Spain are in the round of 16 - Germany has been eliminated in the preliminary round of a World Cup for the second time in a row.

German rap reactions

Immediately after the game, some actors from the German rap scene reacted to the tragic departure of the DFB team. Arafat makes fun of the departure with a meme, while Hadi El Dor finds harsh words: "Embarrassing shit by God, never been so ashamed to be German." Finch writes teasingly: "Ciao. The main thing is that a sign was set.” You can see Farid Bang's live reaction while watching the game below.

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