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T-Low gives fans money

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Das Bild zeigt Rapper T-Low mit einem schwarzen Kapuzen Hoodie und einem roten Becher in der rechten Hand. Mit dem linken Arm zeigt er den Mittelfinger nach oben.

A few weeks ago, newcomer rapper T-Low revealed his earnings from streaming numbers. The rapper posted two screenshots of his monthly streaming income from 2018 and 2022 on Twitter. After the newcomer from Itzehoe earned just €20 a month through music streaming in 2018, his numbers exploded due to his hype. Now, T-Low collects an average of €200,000 a month just from streaming its music. And that at just 21 years of age and, mind you, without ever having signed a label contract – respect!

T-Low transfers money to several fans via Paypal

However, the 21-year-old not only seems to use his enormous financial success for himself, but also lets his fans participate in it. The rapper asked on Twitter what his fans needed money for. In addition to the usual answers, there were also posts from fans who seemed to be in financial distress.

T-Low picked out exactly these special cases and asked the people in question to share their Paypal account. A few hours later, fans were treated to a Paypal credit from T-Low Himself. The rapper transferred amounts of €300 - €400 to the accounts of his fans.

T-Low's fundraiser not entirely altruistic?

However, the rapper T-Low does not seem to have made this move entirely unselfishly. In order to ensure publicity, such an action with its community is certainly much cheaper than starting a complete marketing campaign. Still, we think it's a smart move from the 21-year-old newcomer and one that many other rappers could learn from.

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