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FatComedy drops own rap song

Das Bild zeigt den Entertainer FatComedy. Im Hintergrund ist das Meer zu sehen. Fast Comedy trägt eine bunte Jacke mit Blumenmuster.

Difficult months lie behind FatComedy. For years, the corpulent comedian entertained his fans with funny videos on YouTube. Thanks to his hype, he was even able to finance his livelihood relatively quickly with the income from YouTube.

Financial problem after the Oliver Pocher scandal

In March 2022, FatComedy once again caused hype. However, rather with negative publicity. During a boxing match, he slapped fellow entertainer Oliver Pocher. The whole thing was caught on video and went viral on the internet. Social media accounts were blocked and advertisers also turned away from FatComedy. The formerly celebrated entertainer was left with nothing.

Boxing match against TikToker Bilal Gold

One way to get money quickly and to build on the hype of the time was a boxing match at “Universum Boxing”. These are known for letting rappers, influencers & Co compete against each other and pay a princely prize money of up to €100,000. No sooner said than done – FatComedy fought the TikToker Bilal Gold and even left the ring as the winner. But the hoped-for hype didn't materialize!

FatComedy tries his hand at being a rapper

Born in Bochum, he seems to be looking for ways to make money quickly and sees a possible rap career as an opportunity. After all, Samra was one of his buddies until recently. After a beef, however, he turned his back on FatComedy as well. So a rap career on your own! FatComedy has now dropped a sample of his first rap song on Instagram. Our conclusion: Even if his options are limited, he should probably find another hobby. Even if FatComedy has many talents - rap is definitely not one of them!

If there is new information about FatComedy, you will hear it - as always - first from us!

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