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Das Foto zeigt Einzelne Schollen in schwarz weiß, die durch Höhenunterschiede einen 3d Effekt erzeugen


Das Bild zeigt drei Patronen in schwarz weiß, die von einer Pistole stammen und auf einem Tisch liegen. Das Foto ist Metallic glänzend und spiegelt die Patronen auf dem Tisch wieder.
Das Bild zeigt den Schriftzug KlickBoom
Das Bild zeigt den Schriftzug Entertainment

Click Boom Entertainment stands for the next level in German rap and hip hop. Together with the best producers, directors, composers, rappers and lyricists in the world, we work towards the goal of bringing German rap on an equal footing with international competition.
We don´t want to copy better - we want to dominate! What unites us is the claim to set trends ourselves in the near future and not just to follow trends. With a view to the market, the credo of the future can only be: Harder, faster, more concise. True to these mottos, we have internalized consumer demands and, as the first 100 percent digital music label in Germany with a focus on trap, pick up our users where they are concentrated today - online!
We deliberately do without a static physical structure and hyrarchies that paralyze creative processes and work together on an equal footing in project teams tailored to the respective project. Each of our partners is also a shareholder in the respective project and receives a share of the total turnover according to the work they have done.
On the one hand, this enables us to ensure that we are positioned flexibly enough to be able to react to any developments in the market without wasting any time. Secondly, our organizational form ensures that the focus of all project partners is on the essentials - a high-quality end product that we can successfully place in the media and music industry via our network in order to achieve the greatest possible reach.
Last but not least, we guarantee all services from a single source, giving our talents the space they need to focus on creative work and work with us to turn the world upside down.

Das Bild zeigt mehrere Patronen einer 9mm Pistole, die zu einem Dreieck zusammengestellt wurden.
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