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Das Bild zeigt KlickBoom Mitglied Raed Mostafa mit einem Comic Filter

Raed Mostafa

Raed Mostafa- former professional basketball player, label manager and social entrepreneur - has already successfully accompanied well-known rap artists and supported them in their development as a former A&R manager for the label "allesodernix". In the course of his work as a professional athlete and artist manager, Raed has established a broad network in the sports, media and entertainment industry and uses this to promote his central concern - the sustainable anchoring of black culture in the areas of sports, music and society. Raed has already established very successful formats such as Berlin's go-to "Soul of the City".


At KlickBoomEntertainment, Raed comes into play here and, based in our A&R department, ensures through his work that the aspects of social commitment and culture are never underemphasized in our work as a black label. In addition, Raed looks after youth formats for us and, together with Robel and Rashid, ensures that our artists receive optimal all-round support.

Das Bild zeigt eine Gefängniszelle mit einem Bett, gesichert von Stahl Gitterstäben.
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