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RAF Camora drops their own chocolate chip cookies

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Das Bild zeigt Rapper RAF Camora. Er trägt eine schwarze Weste und zeigt mit seinem rechten Daumen und Zeigefinger ein O.

It's no secret that RAF Camora knows how to make money. Every year, the 187 member rakes in millions. In an interview, RAF announced that it had earned a whopping 15 million euros in 2019 from merchandise, fashion and live concerts alone. But also apart from music, the native Swiss seems to be earning good money and making lucrative investments. The rapper recently announced on Instagram that he had bought his 15th property, a villa in Ibiza.

Mc Donalds Menu by RAF Camora

But in addition to real estate, RAF is also looking for other lines of business. In mid-September 2022, the rapper was the first German-speaking artist to drop his own "Famous Order" at Mc Donalds, following in the footsteps of international stars such as Travis Scott and Kanye West. RAF's menu includes two cheeseburgers, 6-piece Chicken McNuggets, a large portion of fries, two sauces of your choice in a strictly limited menu box and a large cold drink in a special design mug.

RAF Camora launches its own chocolate biscuits

After Mc Donalds, the next big coup for the 187 rapper follows. Almost every German rapper now has his own drink on the market - it means it's time for something new. On Instagram, RAF announced that it will soon be launching its own chocolate chip cookies - "NEOH Drageelinos".

It is not yet known when and where the cookies will be available. However, RAF dropped the information in advance that the biscuits, unlike their Mc Donalds menu, will also be available in Germany this time. We keep you in the loop! As soon as there is new information about RAF Camora - you will hear it from us first.

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