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18 Karat: Rapper releases new track despite prison

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Y18 karat vor einem braunen Hochhaus Häuserblock. 18 karat hat die Hände in den Jackentaschen und trägt eine schwarze Jacke , schwarze Hose und eine goldene Maske auf dem Gesicht.

In June 2022, the rapper and label boss 18 Karat was arrested in the course of a raid. Among other things, the supreme leader is accused of smuggling 80 kilograms of cannabis from Holland to Germany and distributing it to dealers here. The officials found this out through the so-called EncroChat investigation. The current sentence is up to seven years in prison. According to the wife of 18 Karat, the rapper is still in custody and is currently awaiting the start of his trial. It is not yet known when this will be.

Mrs. 18 Karat takes care of label and business

Since the arrest of 18 Karat, his wife has been taking care of the Supremos label and the business. Because in addition to the Dortmunder's own rap career, 18 Karat as label boss also has obligations to his signings and employees. In addition to Mrs. 18 Karat, the rapper's fans also have a large share in the continued success of the Supremos label and support 18 Karat wherever they can.

18 Karat receives countless fan letters

Fans could send private letters to the rapper through 18 Karat's Instagram account. Mrs. Karat promised to print out all the letters and send them to the rapper. But neither 18 Karat himself nor his wife expected so many entries. As a thank you, the couple came up with something very special for their fans.

18 Karat reload new track "100 Kriege" on 12/02/22

Before 18 Karat's arrest, the rapper was working on finishing his next album. As a thank you for the support of his fans, Mrs. Karat announced on Instagram that on 12/2/22 the track "100 Kriege", which was originally planned for the rapper's 7th album, will be released as a single in advance. According to Mrs. 18 Karat, the track is a feature track. However, who will be heard alongside 18 Karat in “100 Kriege” will not be revealed! There will probably not be a music video due to the imprisonment of 18 Karat.

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