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"4 Blocks" - Is there a 4th season?

Das Bild zeigt Rapper und Schauspieler Veysel und Schauspieler Kida Ramadan vor einer Haustür eines Mehrfamilienhauses. Veysel links ist mit dem Arm an die Wand gelehnt und trägt ein Camouflage T-Shirt. Kida Ramadan rechts trägt einen Jeans Sacko in blau, blaues Hemd und eine schwarze Sonnenbrille

In 2017, the series "4 Blocks" celebrated its debut. The series produced by "TNT" is about everyday clan crime in the Berlin underground. The series about the main actor Kadi Ramadan, who embodies the clan boss Tony Hamady in "4 Blocks", caused hype in the first season and developed into one of the most popular series in Germany. With a star cast from the Berlin German rap scene, "4 Blocks" with the rappers Massiv and Veysel raked in television prizes and numerous awards. After season 3 and several dead main actors, however, the end of the series was sealed.

No 4 Blocks sequel confirmed

According to the production company "TNT", no further season of "4 Blocks" is planned. Lead actor Kadi Ramadan also confirmed in 2021 that there will be no sequel to the popular clan series. “Are there new seasons of 4 blocks coming?” All I can say is: No, there isn't going to be a new 4th season of 4 blocks. So that you don't bombard me with your messages anymore. And yes, on top of that, have a nice day. peace.”

Fans hope for a sequel to "4 Blocks"

But there seems to be a small hope for a comeback. Even if according to "TNT" and Ramadan there shouldn't be a fourth season, we can expect the series to continue in a different way - possibly as a spin-off! Kida Ramadan made an interesting nod during an Instagram Q&A when asked yet again about a sequel to 4 Blocks. He linked the rapper Massiv on his post and wrote: "When the moon crashes into your ghetto". Massive reposts the whole thing and also comments: "If only people knew brother".

The hope for a sequel to the award-winning series "4 Blocks" does not seem to be 100% off the table after all. Whether there will be a 4th season, a spin-off or a whole new series in this genre remains to be seen.

As always, we'll keep you in the loop should something happen.

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