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6ix9ine back in New York

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Das Bild zeigt Rapper 6ix9ine auf einem Flughafen. Im Hintergrund ist ein Privatjet zu sehen. 6ix9ine steht auf der Motorhaube eines blauem Autos.  Neben ihm liegen viele Geldbündel auf dem Motorhaube.

Musically, the former Treyway rapper has been quiet for a long time. The main way 6ix9ine stays afloat or in the public eye is touring through interviews and podcasts where he is featured regularly. He also regularly posts clips in which he flaunts expensive watches or cars to counter the widespread rumor that he is broke. The former, self-declared King of New York is just a joke for most people today. Without the 'gangsta' that dropped with his testimony against the 9 Trey Bloods, he's just a colored-haired guy. Not even his attempts to troll other rappers to follow his hype from back then work, because nobody really cares about his opinion. Now that's about to change - 6ix9ine wants the crown back. His secret weapon - luxury handbags!

6ix9ne and ex-girlfriend Jade

The colorful US rapper 6ix9ine and his girlfriend Jade, who has more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram, are both internet phenomena. Again and again they end up in the headlines - whether alone or together. Just about two months ago it was reported that Jade was arrested after assaulting her boyfriend. However, 6ix9ine stated that he will not leave her after this attack: "I will get her out of jail. She attacked me in front of the police and I told them, 'You have to remember, she's obviously drunk.' I have no intention of filing a complaint. I'm the one trying to bail her out." But it seems the relationship didn't last long after that. Because on October 28th of this year, Jade announced that she had created an OnlyFans profile. She posted a photo to Instagram showing her butt with the caption, "I made an OnlyFans." She captioned the photo with an announcement that she was single from now on, but she was heavily criticized in the comments on that post An Instagram user writes that 6ix9ine apparently stopped giving her money.

Jade is on Onlyfans

On the same day she published a post on OnlyFans in which she wrote: "Your favorite rapper just f*cked me! Send me a donation and I'll show you what you've all been waiting for. Comment under the post when you're ready!” and decorated it with a rainbow emoji.

Tekashi wants to take over New York

Now, a few weeks after this split, 6ix9ine is also playing its cards. He released a video showing him gifting expensive luxury handbags to several women. In the caption he wrote: "I came back to New York to take over my city again. I bought a Birkin bag for every little b*tch that walks in my town. I'm back! These are not Chanel bags.”

A Birkin bag has a new value of around 18,000 to 20,000 euros. Converted, he is said to have given away bags worth around 300,000 US dollars.

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