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Abdallah Abou Chaker speaks out after deportation

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Das Bild zeigt Abdallah Abou Chaker in eine Cafe. Er trägt einen schwarzen Pullover. Sein Linker Arm ist ans Kinn gelehnt. Am Handgelenk sieht man eine goldene Luxusuhr.

In a rush operation, the authorities recently deported Abdallah Abou Chaker to Lebanon. After several convictions, deportation had been in the air for some time, but could not be carried out because his country of origin could not be determined for a long time. Apparently this has now changed and the federal government was able to come to an agreement with Lebanon.

Sensible measure or political show?

Whether the deportation of Abdallah Abou Chaker really makes sense or whether the political message is superficial here can only be speculated on. But the legitimate question arises as to why his sentence cannot be carried out where he broke the rules. Even if he was denied German citizenship due to criminal offenses, he was born here, socialized and also committed a crime. Resocialization can only take place in the society in which someone is also socialized. The real problem doesn't seem to be solved, it's just been shifted to Lebanon. The legal basis for this is actually aimed at deporting criminal foreigners who are unable to integrate to their home countries. There is no question that Abou Chaker was a criminal, but so was his integration as a native German.

Abdallah Abou Chaker has no real connection to Lebanon, as his cousin Arafat recently explained in a live stream. He doesn't expect a penalty there either. Apart from headlines and the impression that clans are now being vigorously attacked, the measure achieves no real improvement. Other criminals will probably just as little be deterred by this example as in the past.

Statement from Lebanon

In a recent interview, Abdallah Abou Chaker spoke up for himself. Apparently, the authorities spared no expense or effort to get rid of the Berliner. After a spectacular attack in a cafe, special forces put him on a helicopter and from there on a private jet that flew him to Lebanon. He claims that the federal government even paid Lebanon money for his admission. When asked how Abou Chaker earned his fortune in Germany, he only explained: "I made money, friends supported me a lot. I have a lot of good friends who have supported me and have made a living from mediation and advertising for certain people who have supported me.

You can find the complete video here:

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