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After Beef: Mois turns to Maestro

Das Bild zeigt Entertainer Mois im Profil. Er trägt ein eng anliegendes blaues T-Shirt und hat den Kopf nach rechts gedreht.

For years, Mois, Maestro & Co entertained their fans with YouTube videos. In the meantime, Keller GmbH was even one of the most hyped YouTube channels in Germany. In addition to their YouTube channel, the boys were also musically successful at times. After a burglary in Mois' recording studio, the boys fell out and Keller GmbH broke up.

Maestro reports back after time out

After Maestro had disappeared for almost four months and also had his social media accounts rest, the former Keller member reported back last weekend in a live stream on Twitch. There Maestro reported what was behind his break and how he and the rest of Keller GmbH were doing.

No contact with Mois, Manuellsen and Sinan-G

Maestro explained that he is no longer in contact with any of his ex-Keller members and that the chapter is closed for him. Manuellsen had blocked Maestro on all possible platforms in April of this year and there is also radio silence with Sinan-G. Even the friendship with Maestro's former best buddy Mois seems to have finally ended after the beef. They both went their separate ways!

According to the Maestro statement: Mois reports on Instagram

After Maestro's statement on Twitch, Mois spoke up on Instagram and addressed Maestro directly in his story. He thanked his former buddy for the wonderful years we had together and wished him all the best for the future. This should also finally seal the end of Keller GmbH.

"Good luck and love to my brother Maestro. May you achieve everything you set your mind to. Thanks for the nice time. We have shaped many, we will shape even more."

Source: KBE,

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