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Animus – Bushido listens to this music privately

Das Bild zeigt den Rapper Animus stehend vor einer weißen Wand. Er hat den Kopf nach rechts gedreht und trägt einen Vollbart und einen schwarzen Pullover.

The podcast by the rapper Animus, who emigrated to Dubai, is now one of the most popular in Germany. Every week thousands of fans wait for the new episode of the Heidelberg rapper. Animus goes through his entire career and settles accounts with all his former camps.

Bushido's first meeting with Animus

The current episodes are about his time and experience with the Berlin rapper Bushido, who also emigrated to Dubai. Animus tells about the first meeting between the two and the first collaboration in New York. Bushido had invited Animus to the USA for a 10-day session. In addition to professional experience, Animus was also able to get to know Bushido privately and learned details that nobody knew before - e.g. what music Bushido actually listens to privately!

Bushido celebrates old school rap

In his podcast, Animus says that Bushido is a real rap nerd. What probably no one expected, that Bushido not only celebrates old school rap, but can also rap it by heart. Alongside old-schoolers Tribe Calles Quest, Jurassic5 and Mobb Deep, he particularly celebrates Styles P, who is the EGJ boss' all-time favorite rapper.

“He listens to music on the side. Tribe Called Quest. Bushido is sitting next to me, he's listening to Tribe Called Quest or something, what's their name? Jurassic 5. Such, this league. He hears it next to me and raps it by heart. He listens to Styles P brother. Styles P is one of Bushido's favorite rappers. On the other side is Bushido, who raps Styles P by heart. Jurassic 5, Tribe Calles Quest, all that old school stuff that's too old school for me. Anyway, Mobb Deep knows it by heart, completely. So Mobb Deep you can skip through a whole album with him and he raps it by heart. I look at him and say: brother, you're already such a real rap nerd? He like: Yes man. I tell him: But you never showed it? He says: No brother, I've always hidden that."

Source: KBE,

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