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Bözemann laughs at Ballermann's performance by Manuellsen

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Bözemann mit freiem Oberkörper und einer roten Badshorts. Er trägt eine Goldkette und eine schwarze Sonnenbrille. Im Hintergrund sind grüne Bäume zu sehen.

The beef between the rappers Bözemann and Manuellsen has been going on for several months. Again and again there were taunts from both camps. In an episode of Bözemann's "Platzaxt" podcast, the rapper and his buddy Fato again poked fun at Manuellsen while wearing white T-shirts. Bözenmann "White Power" Scherz didn't go over well with Manu and the hint in his direction that it was just a joke that he shouldn't take personally didn't really ease the situation. Manuelssen rightly felt racially attacked and swore to hold Bözemann accountable.

Bözemann offers Manuellsen a peace offer

In order to relax things and bury the hatchet, Bözemann Manuellsen offered to come by as a guest for a podcast episode and end the current beef situation. In order to show that Bözemann did not mean the T-shirt campaign in any way as racist, he also offered Manuellsen to invite an AFD politician and to share his opinion with Manuellsen. Manuellsen apparently declined this invitation.

"That's why it would actually have been a good opportunity to possibly make an announcement to the AfD on the part of Manuellsen. But if he's not there, no problem, I'll take care of it, it's not a problem either. Because I have no problem with that. Then I want to see if an AfD politician can stand up to me."

Bözemann laughs at Ballermann's performance by Manuelssen

A few months ago, Manuellsen had an appearance in the large disco "Megapark" at Ballermann. This video quickly made the rounds on TikTok. The video also apparently ended up on the smartphone at Bözemann. Because in the current "Platzaxt" podcast episode, Bözemann and Fato laughed for minutes about the Ruhrpott rapper and described Manuellsen as "king in the beer tent".

By now it should be clear that a clarifying conversation between Manuellsen and Bözemann will probably not come about for the time being. So far there has been no reaction from Manuellsens. However, since the Ruhrpotter is known for going live on Instagram to vent his anger, it is probably only a matter of time when this will happen. As always, as soon as there is new information about the Bözemann and Manuellsen beef, you will hear it from us first!

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