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Balenciaga's shabby attempt to shirk responsibility

Das Bild zeigt Entertainer Mois im Profil. Er steht vor einem blauem Luxus Sportwagen. Mois zeigt mit dem Zeigefinger nach oben und trägt ein schwarzes T-Shirt.

The fashion brand Balenciaga has developed into one of the most popular luxury fashion brands in the world in recent years. The brand owes much of the hype to well-known rappers who made Balenciaga famous with their songs and outfits. However, the glamor of the label is now overshadowed by the worst imaginable allegations - the deliberate legitimacy of the abuse of children!

Balenciaga denies responsibility

The current marketing campaign of the fashion house is making waves, in which, among other things, children aged 4-5 years were photographed with teddy bears equipped with clearly sexual-fetish symbols that are usually associated with the SM area. In addition, some items of clothing from said "collection" bear lettering, such as "adult entertainment club". Children are thus placed in a clearly sexualized context - an absolute no-go! In another image from the same campaign, a Balenciaga bag is presented on a desk on which, by coincidence of course, is a US Supreme Court document on child abuse.

Now that the company has - rightly - been exposed to an unprecedented shitstorm, those responsible are now trying to blame the agency "North Six", which allegedly took the pictures and published them without Balenciaga's consent. The fashion house has therefore sued the agency for 25 million dollars in damages. TMZ recently had the opportunity to exchange ideas with agency North Six. The agency's management said it was correct that North Six had accompanied fashion campaigns for Balenciaga in the past. The current campaign only supported North Six logistically. No photo spreads were made, nor were they creatively involved in the BDSM campaign in any other way.

Fans and celebrities cancel Balenciaga

Many videos are currently going viral on the most important social media platforms YouTube and TikTok, in which former Balenciaga customers explain that they are canceling the fashion brand once and for all for deliberately playing with pedophilic resentments. Balenciaga garments are cut up, burned or turned into toilet rags. Andrew Tate even went one step further. For him, anyone who still wears Balenciaga after this action is either a pedophile himself or an active supporter of child abuse. Other celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, who has active endorsement deals with Balenciaga, have kept a low profile on the subject and are now facing harsh criticism of their own.

We, too, think that Balenciaga is not only operating beyond the bounds of good taste, but has really crossed a line and must be held accountable for it. The cowardly management of the group is currently trying to evade this instead of taking responsibility for its actions. For us and many others, they have thus deprived themselves of their right to exist. There's no place for that in our world!

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