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Battle of the Social Media Giants: Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate

Das Bild zeigt links Andrew Tate und recht Jake Paul. Beide stehen sich mit freiem Oberkörper gegenüber. Beide Oberkörper sind tätowiert.

The German rap business has long since ceased to be limited to music. Today, no one is surprised when rappers sell frozen pizzas or iced tea. Recently, boxing has also become one of these branches of business, since rappers in this country have also understood that you can turn a normal Internet beef into a million-dollar business and at the same time increase your reach permanently. The recipe for it comes – no wonder – from the USA. These influencer boxing events began a few years ago with the American Youtubers Logan and Jake Paul, who at the time clashed with the English Youtubers KSI and his brother Deji and carried out this beef in boxing matches, which attracted media attention. The fights received more international attention than the fights of real professional fighters. So it was probably only a matter of time before this trend spilled over to us. The last fight between Sinan G and Mo Abdallah shows that the concept works for us too. Even if fighters "only" earn a few 100K euros here and not hundreds of millions like the Pauls.

Paul und Tate Faceoff in Dubai

Paul and Tate are currently among the most well-known social media influencers in the world. Even if Tate has now been banned from almost all platforms because he uses his influence to stir up people against alleged state oppression and to deny Corona, he has one thing in common with Jake Paul - the love of martial arts. Tate had repeatedly hinted in the past that Jake Paul's fights were only show fights and that the result would be clear before the end. He claimed that Paul couldn't stand against a real fighter like himself, indirectly challenging Jake Paul. Fans hailed the idea of ​​a Paul vs Tate fight. Apparently, both have now bowed to the will of the fans and met in Dubai for a first faceoff. Even if the fight is not yet confirmed, both camps seem to be at least actively negotiating about it. Accordingly, Jake Paul's post on it, showing them both shirtless facing each other, is titled "Negotiations."

What ultimately motivated Tate to the faceoff was probably Jake Paul's statement in his brother's podcast that an "alpha" like Andrew Tate would not accept a fight because he feared losing it and his supposed invincibility status. Grabbing Tate's credit so publicly was a smart move by the Paul's, since Tate's image leaves no room for retreat. Tate doesn't seem to be as clever and unmarketable as he claims, either because he lets the Paul's manipulate him into battle or he's simply too greedy to turn down the prospect of millions in revenue. A fight between Paul and Tate would definitely be entertaining. We therefore hope that it will actually come about.

Jake Paul wants to start his own fighting league

Another show great that Jake Paul rubs shoulders with regularly is UFC President Dana White. Paul had repeatedly accused the UFC boss of taking advantage of fighters economically. Many of his fighters would not even have health insurance. White, therefore, never misses an opportunity to express his displeasure with Jake Paul's activities in the field of martial arts and to describe it as a "bluff". Paul has therefore set himself the goal of improving the working conditions and earning prospects of professional fighters by founding his own fighting league. He's partnered with none other than UFC icon Anderson Silva to help him make that dream a reality. It is currently unclear whether it is only about boxing or also about martial arts in general. Also from when this new league starts its activities. So far, it's just a declaration of intent, like wanting to fight Tate. As always, should the fight with Tate go ahead and Jake start his league, you'll hear from us first.

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