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Beef finished between Capital Bra and Kay Ay?

Das Bild zeigt den Rapper Capital Bra auf der Straße. Im Hintergrund sind ein paar Menschen zu sehen. Capital Bra trägt ein schwarzes Luis Vuitton Hemd, Bauchtasche am Oberkörper und in der rechten Hand ein schwarze Luis Vuitton Reisetasche. Dazu eine blaue Jeans Short und eine schwarze Sonnenbrille und Basecap. Am rechten Arm hat er einen blauen Gipsverband

For months, Capital Bra and his former label partner Kay Ay of Team Kuku have been beefing each other on Instagram. The two rappers have been friends for years. But Kay Ay still doesn't seem to have forgiven Bratan for the fact that Capi Team Kuku suddenly left. The rapper kept going live on Instagram and didn't say any good words about his ex-buddy. Kay Ay also sharply condemned Capi's use of drugs.

Chat history leaked with Capital Bra

Kay Ay also made it clear in several Insta stories that he and Capital Bra were no longer friends. Still, the two seem to still be in touch and dissing each other in voice messages.

The Bratan makes fun of Kay Ay's live stream numbers

Kay Ay now leaked a chat history on Instagram that shows voice messages between him and Bratan. These sound anything but like beef, but more like a friendly relationship. In the leaked news, Capital Bra makes fun of Kay Ay's live stream numbers.

"Shoo, did I fuck you, huh? Boy, 37,000 viewers dear! Vallah, you are a rag! You have no idea, you bark all the time, but nobody listens to you haha, I'll go online, I'll fuck you all. You little dog…" In addition to the geisse, Capi and Kay Ay still seem to like each other somehow. Kay Ay also explained that he and Capi have always talked to each other like this, even when they were friends. A voice message from Capital Bra also seems to confirm this. Apparently the two ex-buddies have settled their beef for the time being. "Shut up you dick, you miss me as well. Don't lie, vallah! It's that ex-girlfriend argument. Yani, you bark, bark, bark and actually you miss me exaggeratedly. You know very well that I always finish you off when we see each other. Little motherfucker.”

We keep an eye on the topic for you. As always, as soon as there is new information about Capital Bra and Kay Ay, you will hear it from us first!

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