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Blueface arrested for attempted murder

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Blueface in einer Gefängniszelle. Er trägt ein weißes T-Shirt und eine orangene Hose.

The negative headlines about top rappers don't stop. Today we get the news that rapper Blueface has been arrested for attempted murder. The arrest was made in public. Fans are shocked!

Blueface arrested by plainclothes officers

At the time of his arrest, Blueface was having breakfast at a waffle joint with girlfriend Chrisean. After the couple left the restaurant, the officers grabbed it. The rapper was taken to the ground and handcuffed in front of fans and paparazzi. He was taken away under protest from friends and fans. According to TMZ, the reason for his arrest is very serious - the police accuse the rapper of attempted murder. Exactly who Blueface allegedly tried to kill is currently unknown.

The allegation of attempted murder appears to have been backed up by the police with evidence of Blueface's guilt. Otherwise, the judge responsible would hardly have issued an arrest warrant, but would simply have been summoned for questioning. The access by the police suggests that the alleged murder attempt is not just a suspicion, but that the officials can also prove Blueface's involvement in the crime.

The end of the rap career?

The colleagues from TMZ also assess the situation as very serious. The rapper already has a number of criminal records. If he is convicted of attempted murder, it could spell the end of the LA rapper's fledgling career. Its name alone suggests its proximity to the Crips. Through this active connection to gangs, the rapper could even face a RICO charge, which is currently bothering Young Thug and Gunna. We stay tuned for you! As soon as more details are known about the allegations, you will hear it - as always - first from us.

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