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Bonez MC and girlfriend Mary separated?

Das Bild zeigt Model Marys.Crib mit einem schwarzen Oberteil und weißem Rock.  Sie trägt ihre Haare offen und hat am rechten Ohr einen runden Ohrring

Bonez MC and his girlfriend Mary have been a couple for almost two years. Rapper and Onlyfans model are relatively open about their relationship and let fans participate in it on Instagram. Just a few weeks ago, the Hamburg rapper announced in an Instagram question and answer session what his dream future looks like: retirement at 40, a house by the sea and two children with his girlfriend Mary. Everything seems perfect!

Fans fear Bonez MC and Mary split

After his album drop of "Palmen aus Plastik 3" Bonez took a little break and went to Morocco for a few weeks. But last week the Hamburg rapper dropped a somewhat cryptic Insta story that made fans sit up and take notice.

"You will not heal if you go back to what broke you."

At the same time, his girlfriend Mary also posted something on Insta that could not be fully attributed, but could well be related to Bonez.

"Myself, that's all I got in the end. That's what I found out. And I don't need to cry about it."

Deleted photos of Bonez and Mary together

In addition to the cryptic statements from Bonez MC and Mary, the two also deleted several photos together on their Instagram accounts. A fan noted that the couple also stopped following each other on Instagram. In the social media world, usually a very clear sign of a breakup!

Bonez MC posts new photo of Mary on Instagram

A few days later, the 36-year-old suddenly dropped a photo on Instagram that shows Mary on a couch – with the caption: “Got you”. Suddenly there seems to be hope again for fans of the duo.

Only Bonez and Mary themselves probably know whether the two have allowed themselves a joke, or whether there is really anything to the separation.

We keep an eye on the topic for you. As soon as there is new information from the two, you will hear it from us first!

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