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Bonez MC – Feature with Fler, or T-Low?

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Bonez MC. Nur ein Gesicht ist zu sehen. Mit seinem linken Arm hält er eine schwarz weiße Maske vor sein halbes Gesicht.

Bonez MC has now been in the music business for over 15 years and has made almost no enemies in the German rap scene over this time. Many other rappers beef regularly to stay relevant in the rap scene. Bonez focuses more on his music than on other rappers.

Fler not necessarily Bonez MC's best friend

But the Hamburg rapper has a few enemies. For years there have always been small taunts between the Berlin rapper Fler and Bonez MC. The beef originally came about many years ago due to the similarity in the names of the brands "Vandal Sport" and "Ghetto Sport". But it's been so long now that hardly anyone can remember it.

Bonez MC doesn't think much of T-Low

Although T-Low is no enemy of Bonez, the 36-year-old from Hamburg doesn't seem to think much of the newcomer. With "There today, gone tomorrow," Bonez spoke harshly to T-Low on Instagram. So far, T-Low is keeping up its hype!

If Bonez MC had to, then a feature with Fler

In an Instagram question and answer session, Bonez was asked who he would do a feature with if he had to! With Fler, or T-Low. Bonez clearly chose his beef colleague Fler. Another smack for newcomer T-Low. But in order to protect T-Low somewhat, Bonez's decision is probably more due to the musical similarities that he sees more with Fler than with T-Low.

It is unlikely that this feature will ever come about. Since the discrepancies between the two rappers have not been clarified for years and will probably not be cleared up anytime soon. As soon as there is new information on the subject, you will hear it from us first!

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