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Capital Bra and Ngee officially quit Beef

Das Bild zeigt links Rapper Capital Bra mit einem weiß, schwarzem Jogginganzug. Rechts den rapper Ngee. Dieser trägt ebenfalls den gleichen weiß schwarzen Jogginganzug wie Capital Bra.

In September of this year, Capi's label “Bra Musik” exploded. But that's not all. Suddenly the focus was on Capi Signing Ngee, who knew nothing at all about the plans of his label manager and suddenly stood there as a pawn.

Ngee drops Hard Call against Capital Bra

The Berlin newcomer then went public via Instagram and made serious allegations against his ex-label boss, with whom he had signed a contract just under a year earlier. The 27-year-old accused Capital Bra of not fulfilling his duties as label boss and publicly accused Capi of being a "junkie". Bratan has not been available by phone for months. In addition, according to Ngee, Capital is said to have worked with the police to be able to part with his label - an absolute no-go in the gangster rap scene!

Capital Bra and Ex-Signing Ngee end Beef on the phone

A few weeks after the allegations, things seem to be calming down. The Bratan is currently in Dubai, so meeting Ngee was almost impossible. But in a live stream, Capi announced that he had called Ngee and clarified the open differences.

Ngee: No bad blood with Capital Bra

Ngee has now commented on Instagram about the current situation around Capital Bra. He confirmed that both parties will go their separate ways in the future, but there is no bad blood between him and Capi. He also emphasized that he finally wanted to do his own thing and that he had founded his label "Children of the Street" for this purpose.

“It shouldn't be, sometimes it just doesn't fit. Life goes on"

Capital Bra confirms termination of Ngee's contract

Capi also spoke up in an Instastory. He wished Ngee all the best for his future and good luck with his label. Ngee's contract under Bra Music also appears to have been terminated. The contract documents are currently with Capi's legal team and are only a formality. These Ngee will be delivered by post in the next few weeks. This should finally end the chapter "Bra Music" and Ngee's way finally free for his career under his own label.

Source: KBE,

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