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Capital Bra's ex-label partner: Capi & Samra collab is coming!

Das Bild zeigt links den Rapper Capital Bra.  mit schwarzer Lederjacke und Basecap. Er lächelt in die Kamera und zeigt mit der rechten Hand den Daumen hoch. Rechts der Rapper Samra mit schwarzer Jacke und weißem Shirt. Er zeigt mit der linken Hand den Zeigefinger nach oben.

Capital Bra's signing NGEE announced out of nowhere that it was splitting with its current label, Bra Musik. But that's not all - the rapper immediately dropped a few hard allegations against his ex-label boss and accused Capi of working with the police, among other things. A message that immediately went viral on social media platforms.

Capital Bra and his ex-signing NGEE

The Berlin rapper NGEE was only presented as a new signing by Capital Bra in 2021. As a result, NGEE and Capi dropped a number of features. Bratan also pushed his signing, as you would expect from a label boss. However, the relationship between Capital and NGEE seemed to have cooled down after a short time - followed by the separation from "Bra Musik"!

The Berlin rappers Samra and Capital Bra

As is well known, Capi was under contract with "Team Kuku" before his move to "Ersguterjunge" and released his successful album "Berlin Lebend" there, among other things. This was followed by a signing with Bushido's label "Ersguterjunge". After the dispute between Bushido and Arafat, both the Bratan and Samra parted ways with EGJ and decided to do their own thing. In 2019, the two dropped the sequel to "Berlin Lives". After two years, however, it was over and the two Berliners went their separate ways.

Capital Bra ex-label partner: Capi & Samra collab will come

Now, Kay Ay, Capital Bra's former label partner, has his say. This dropped an interesting piece of information that made Capi and Samra fans sit up and take notice. Kay Ay suspects that Capi is planning a revival with NGEE after the current events with NGEE and that a joint project is already in the works.

"And I'll tell you what's coming next: Samra and Capi collab, or songs in any case. Look what I'm gonna tell you. Look what's going to happen."

Beef with NGEE just a promo move?

In German rap, a beef often turns out to be a promo move. A lot of artists create momentum like this for album drops or collabs. A recent example was the perceived stress between PA Sports and Jamule. That's exactly what some fans suspect about the beef around rapper NGEE and "Bra Musik". So it wouldn't be surprising if information about a revival of Capi and Samra would be officially announced in the near future. As always, we're keeping an eye on the topic for you. As soon as there is new information about Capital Bra and Samra - you will hear it from us first.

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