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Did Takeoff die from his friends' bullets?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Das Bild zeigt den Rapper Takeoff mit schwarzem Anzug, weißem Hemd und schwarzer Krawatte. Er trägt eine schwarze Sonnenbrille und eine Silberkette..

Migos rapper Takeoff died in a shootout yesterday. The circumstances of his death are beyond puzzling. Wild theories about the alleged killer and the crime are rampant online. We have evaluated the unclear information situation for you. The picture that emerges is frightening and sad at the same time.

Unclear facts

News reports about the violent death of Migos member Takeoff have been pouring in since yesterday, some of which contradict each other and leave many viewers with more questions than answers. Some local media stations reported yesterday that the gunman died shortly after the crime in a gun battle with the police. Almost at the same time, the Dallas police chief asked the public for information about possible perpetrators. In addition, some Houston broadcasters reported that the shooting continued outside the building. A black SUV was caught by surveillance cameras, the occupants of which are said to have been involved in the shooting. Local residents reported several magazines that were emptied in the meantime. The police seized projectiles from four different weapons. In addition to rapper Takeoff, two other people are said to have been fatally injured in the argument, which means that a total of 3 people died in the argument.

Deadly dice game

That evening, the Migos were guests at a private party in a specially rented bowling center in Houston, Texas. The bowling alley is on the 3rd floor of a large shopping mall. Takeoff and Quavo chilled with a group of 40-50 people - including boxing star Shakur Stevenson - in front of the bowling alley and passed the time with the dice game "Dice", in which large amounts of money often change hands, which unfortunately often leads to arguments leads. Also this evening...

According to witnesses, Quavo had lost a lot of money that night, felt cheated and exposed in front of the crowd. Accordingly, he angrily confronted his teammate, who seemed to be part of a local gang and didn't want to simply endure Quavo's displeasure. After a short battle of words, fists flew and a little later bullets. Shortly thereafter, Takeoff was lying motionless on the ground, bleeding heavily from the head area. In the background you can hear Quavo's cries of pain over the loss of his nephew, bandmate and friend.

Did Takeoff die from his friends' bullets?

There is a series of video footage of the altercation, showing brief excerpts of the argument that ended Takeoff's life when he was just 28 years old. However, this does not give you a complete picture. However, one can guess that Takeoff literally died in the heat of the moment. What is open is whose bullets fatally injured the rapper in the neck and head. In one of the footage, a man dressed all in black is already holding a gun as the argument escalates. Since the man apparently belongs to the entourage of the Migos. Shortly thereafter, shots are fired and the crowd disperses. Since several shots can be heard in parallel on the recording, it can be assumed that several shooters fired at each other at the same time. In the course of this chaotic situation, the Migos member must have been fatally hit. It is unlikely that he was specifically shot at, since he himself was not actively involved in the dispute between Quavo and his teammates. Whose bullets ultimately hit him must be determined forensically by measuring the entry angles and trajectories of the deadly projectiles. Only then can it be said with certainty whether he died from enemy bullets or ran into the path of a friendly shooter in the chaos.

The latter claims a witness who was present at the escalation. He specifically says that Takeoff died at the hands of one of his friends, who hit him in the head and neck while trying to defend his group. The eyewitness leaves open who it is exactly. Since the Migos were traveling in a strange city, it can be assumed that the man in black was not the only weapon bearer in the group. Accordingly, anyone in the Migos entourage - including Quavo himself - could have fired the fatal shots. While unlikely, he may find it difficult to shake off the fact that it was he who started the argument that took his nephew's life. And all just out of hurt pride.. sad. We wish the family, friends and fans the strength they need to cope well with this painful loss for all of us. We're keeping an eye on the matter for you and, as always, will let you know if there are any new developments in the case.

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