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Dispute between Mois and fitness brand ZEC+

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Das Bild zeigt Youtuber Mois in einem Autohaus mit einem schwarzen Sweatshirt und Mantel. Seine Arme sind auf Brusthöhe und fassen an den Mantel.

Zec+ is a fitness brand in the field of dietary supplements, which is relatively well known in the German rap scene, among others. Not only through their connection to the fitness scene, but above all through the cooperation with some well-known rappers. For a long time, the rappers Farid Band and Kollegah acted as the faces of the fitness brand, but other rappers such as Massiv, Eno and Sero el Mero also regularly promote the ZEC+ brand from founder Matthias Clemens.

ZEC+ and breaches of contract

Matthias Clemens is known for not shying away from confrontation when it comes to his brand. In the past, the ZEC+ founder and two Youtubers had a public mud fight after allegations of breach of contract. According to Matthias Clemens, both Youtuber "Tim Gabel" and "Inscope21" should not have kept to contractual agreements. The ZEC+ founder made these breaches of contract public and posted several videos in which he literally freaked out.

Also breaches of contract by Mois?

The Youtuber Mois already had contracts with Matthias Clemens' brand. But apparently this good relationship didn't last long either. In a live stream, Clemens unpacked on this subject and made serious allegations against the basement boss. "I think Mois has 12,000 euros open with us. Mois didn't pay his hospital bills in Trier, which I cleared up for him, so I had the police in the house. (...) Then I think he left the gaming house that we paid for him devastated. Then, I think, he left a house that was registered in my name in Cologne, devastated, and treated all the employees like shit. So Mois gave a shit on everything, so to speak. But that is all the information that I have from my employees. (...)"

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