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Fler dissed Animus in the live stream: "Animus is a real victim"

Das Bild zeigt den Rapper Half Ounce in der Hocke auf einem Parkplatz. Er trägt ein weißes Tanktop und ein schwarzes Basecap.  Der Himmel ist blau.

After rapper Animus opened the chapter Fler in his "Der Animus Podcast" and didn't say a single good word about his former buddy and label boss, it should be clear that the two rappers will probably no longer be friends. What's more, the two are now archenemies and regularly battle each other on Instagram.

"The Animus Podcast" - Chapter Fler

What happened? In August 2022, Animus spoke about his shared past with Fler in an episode of his podcast. He told about a common experience in which he lost all respect for the masculine rapper. A supposed phone call from the Berliner, in which the masculine rapper was threatened and humiliated alongside Animus. Fler's contacts with the LKA were also a no-go for Animus.

Exchange of blows between Fler and Animus

When Fler found out about the above-mentioned podcast episode, the two rappers exchanged blows on Instagram and Fler threatened Animus with his lawyers. Finally, Fler ended the discussion with a short announcement. "Hide, you impotent bastard."

Fler dissed Animus again – in the live stream

After almost two months, Fler speaks up again on the subject of animus. Even if the Berlin rapper seems to have a thick skin on the outside, the beef with animus is apparently still not over for Fler. In his live stream, the Berlin rapper again launched a counterattack against the rapper who lives in Dubai.

"The guy is rubbish for me. He's a real victim. He's a victim in every way. He can't do anything, Digga. When he raps, it's intellectual bullsh*t! It doesn't have cool dynamics, doesn't have cool swag, doesn't have cool pronunciation, doesn't have its own slang. He doesn't have any blatant flows, he doesn't have a blatant song."

But amid the negative statements, Fler also had something positive to say about Animus: "He's well read, apparently. Because he's lyrical."

Well, at least something.. Whether the two will ever sit together at a table again is questionable. Animus has not yet answered Fler's dissertation. As always, we keep an eye on the topic for you.

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