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French Soccer League plays track by Farid Bang

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Luciano in einem Hotelzimmer. Im Hintergrund sind ein Spiegel und zwei Lampen zu sehen. Luciano trägt ein schwarzes T-Shirt und ein schwarzes Basecap. Um den Hals mehrere Silberketten mit silber Anhänger.

For most young people there are probably only two absolute dream jobs: soccer player and rapper. Be world famous, earn millions and be well received by all women. You can have worse goals for your life. But while this dream remains denied to the vast majority, some German rappers even had the chance of both careers.

German rap and soccer

With KC Rebell, Mero and Marteria, there are three of today's rap stars who could have made it to soccer pros, but who lost their way due to various decisions. Although they didn't become professionals in the end, they are probably still among the best soccer players in the German rap scene to this day. On the other hand, there are also some soccer stars who are self-confessed German rap fans. For example, Bayern star and national player Leon Goretzka supported Raf Camora on his social media channels several times. Above all, Captial Bra stands out here – he has already received messages from the likes of Neymar and Benzema. The first rapper who publicly addressed Capital Bra with a few words was Mesut Özil, who is also a part of his new release due to the song "Eda Özil" on Capital Bra's new album. In the song, Capital Bra explicitly raps about the daughter of the former German international. Mesut Özil was followed by messages from footballer Shkodran Mustafi, Kevin Prince Boateng and Draxler.

Farid Bang is a soccer fan

Capital Bra colleague Farid Bang is also a self-confessed soccer fan and is also connected to some soccer players. For example, in the past he made fun of amateur soccer and released a shisha tobacco called "Regionalliga After Game". But we are now making a huge leap from the regional league to Ligue 1 – the top French league. Top stars like Messi, Neymar and Mbappe are currently at home here. A compilation of a few goals scored by Algerian and Moroccan players in the league has now been uploaded to the Ligue 1 Instagram account – the special thing is that no less a song than “Maghreb Gang” by Farid Bang is playing in the background!

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