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German rap in 2022 most listened genre on Spotify

Das Bild das Spotify Logo. Schwarzer Hintergrund mit grünem Kreis. Darin sind mittig drei kleine schwarze Striche übereinander

Everyone should know today that you can also earn good money with rap in this country. There have never been so many rappers trying to get started. More and more women are discovering rap for themselves. The German rap scene is stronger and more colorful than ever. But people not only make music, they also listen to it. Accordingly, rap in Germany has now become the most listened to genre on Spotify.

Luciano by Numbers King of Deutschrap

Less surprising than the fact that German rap has overtaken all other genres is that Luciano again leads the list of the most listened to artists this year. You could almost have imagined places 2 and 3 of the most streamed artists in Germany. These are occupied by the Austrian rapper RAF Camorra and the Hamburg Bonez MC, whose "Plastic Palms" series still generates many streams.

The federal states with the highest percentage of rap listeners are Bremen and Lower Saxony. But chanting is also more popular than ever in the metropolises of Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. Which tunes did Germans pump the hardest in 2022?

Most listened songs 2022

The track with the most listeners this year is Luciano's "Beautyful Girl" with almost 110 million streams. T-Low took second place this year with the song "Sehnsucht", which was produced by Miksu and Macloud. The newcomer has already overtaken almost every rapper of rank and name at the beginning of his career. Apache and Rin in particular should be concerned about this fact, since T-Low now has the pole position in the field of pop rap, to which the two are also attributed. German street rap a lá Bushido has clearly lost popularity. There has been a significant drop in streams here.

Source: KBE, Spotify

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