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Haftbefehl launches its own frozen pizza

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Haftbefehl neben einem Baucontainer. Er trägt eine rote Hose und Pullover. Darüber eine orangene Collage-Jacke, schwarze Sonnenbrille und eine Silberkette um den Hals. Seine Haare sind weiß gefärbt.

The Offenbach rapper has already proven several times that Haftbefehl also does business outside of the music industry. Like many other rappers, Haft has his own soft drink on the market. The difference to the competition: "Baba HafTea" is the first ice tea with cannabis flavor. Shortly there after, the next product from Haftbefehl company followed. The 36-year-old was one of the first rappers to enter the e-cigarette market and dropped his own vape. According to connoisseurs, this should be the best on the market in terms of taste.

Frozen pizzas the new soft drink in German rap?

In May 2020, Capital Bra was the first German rapper to launch his own frozen pizza together with the frozen food brand Gangstarella. Surprisingly, after the soft drink craze, no other rapper has adopted this concept. And that's despite the fact that Capital Bra sold its pizzas over five million times in the first year alone. With that, Capi generated more sales this year than with his music!

Babo Pizza: Haftbefehl enters the frozen food business

After Capital Bra, Haftbefehl is now also getting into the frozen food business and is dropping its own frozen pizza, the “Babo Pizza”. Like Capital Bra before it, Haft is now launching two varieties of its "Babo Pizza" together with Gangstarella. In addition to the beef salami varieties, which Capi also brought out, the Offenbach-based company is launching a new variety with its second Pizza Chicken Hollandaise .

When will the "Babo Pizza" be available? The arrest warrant pizzas are now available in supermarkets.

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