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Israel Adesanya loses title and Drake 2 million

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Drake mit einem camouflage T-Shirt. Er hat ein Getränk in einem Glas in seiner rechten Hand und trinkt gerade daraus.

We have reported several times that Drizzy has a weakness for sports betting. Last weekend, the Canadian rap star burned a whopping $2 million he had bet on defeating UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya. The world champion had to give up his belt. He probably didn't know that Izzy's opponent Alex Pereira is none other than his personal nemesis.

Drake loses 2 million

In Drake's defense it has to be mentioned that Adesanya has held his title for several years and has run through almost every opponent during this time - no matter how convincing they were in the preliminary rounds. Nobody in his weight class could hold a candle to the "spider", as Adesanya is called by his fans. Not only is Izzy one of the best strikers in UFC history, whose accuracy gave opponents a proverbial headache. He's also a strategist, studying his opponents and their styles and mercilessly exploiting weaknesses.

Putting your money on Irael Adesanya has therefore been more than understandable in recent years. Only die-hard UFC fans who knew he'd defeated Izzy twice before could really count on his opponent's strength.

The showdown

After faceoffs, the tension of which you could feel through the screen, the showdown in the title fight followed on Saturday. For the first few rounds, it also looked like Izzy had his opponent in control, as always. Adesanya set the pace of the fight and landed a couple of hard impact hits that clearly took a toll on Pereira. The Brazilian, also considered to be one of the toughest and most accurate strikers, managed to turn the tide and pounded Izzy with a couple of good combinations that threw the champ off balance. You could almost see Pereira beating out the huge confidence the New Zealand-born fighter with Nigerian roots is known for. The memory of having been sent onto the boards twice by Alex Pereira visibly caught up with the champ. It happened as it had to happen and the referee called the fight off after Izzy barely resisted. The result: technical knockout and losing the world title. Drake may have shared the pain of that defeat with Izzy. The rap star not only lost a lot of money, like many, the "Champagne Papi" also feels personally connected to him. The two are also personal friends.

In Alex Pereira, however, Izzy seems to have actually found his nemesis and he deservedly won because he was simply the superior fighter. It is currently difficult to say whether Adesanya is just a form low or whether the exceptional talent has finally passed his zenith after years in the UFC. As we know Izzy, he will use the loss to train even harder and take back his crown from Pereira. Anything else would also disappoint us.

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