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Kanye West: Desperate acts after 2 billion loss

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Kanye West mit einem schwarzen Hoodie und der Kapuze über dem Kopf. Mit beiden Händen fasst er an die Kapuze.

The saying “Pride comes before a fall” is once again true. Kanye West, who in an interview just a few days ago described himself as too "relevant" to fall victim to the cancel culture like many others before him, is having to learn the hard way that there is more to the idiom There is more truth than many suspect. Apparently, this time he has thoroughly miscalculated with his statement that he can make anti-Semitic statements as much as he wants without Adidas canceling the deal with him. Adidas canceled the deal with Ye a few days ago. Since then, Ye's career has been in free fall.

Ye loses 2 billion overnight

Kanye himself seems to have understood how expensive his statements are now. So not only has he lost the place in the Forbes list that is so important to him and which is often in front of him, he loses the majority of his fortune with the Adidas deal. Some news portals even report that he has lost around 80 percent of his fortune. The current situation has also left its mark on Adidas, the world's largest sports fashion manufacturer after Nike. The German company's stock fell 4 percent at times, with Adidas losing $250 million in just one day.

Unannounced visit to Sketchers

How desperate Ye is in view of this situation is now shown by his unannounced visit to the sneaker manufacturer "Sketchers". Without making an appointment in advance, the rapper showed up at the company's headquarters to negotiate a shoe deal. But his visit was short-lived. At this time, the group's management declined to discuss a possible cooperation with Ye. They probably exchanged ideas with their colleagues at Gap, Adidas and Balenciaga. Kanye was escorted off the company premises by security under protest. In light of these developments, one can almost feel sorry for Kanye, which of course does not mean that we condone or even share his views. In the past, Ye, like few, has known how to stay relevant through deliberate provocation and polarization. With the adoption of right-wing resentment, however, the limit of good taste has been crossed – not only for us. Many may have forgiven him for wearing the “Make America Great Again” cap, and some even celebrated him for it. But the things that Ye launches today have a different quality. Fantasizing about a Jewish world conspiracy and publicly expressing doubts about the fact that George Floyd died as a victim of police violence simply leaves little room for finding Ye cool or identifying with him. We really regret this development and hope Ye will come to his senses soon. If that's the case, you'll hear it from us first, as always.

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