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Kanye West is banned from selling "White Lives Matter" shirts

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Kanye West in einer Menschenmenge. Er trägt eine blaue Jeansjacke und eine schwarze Sonnenbrille. Der Mund ist leicht geöffnet und Kanye West schaut etwas erstaunt.

Things are still not looking good for Ye. After several weeks in which he made negative headlines almost every day, the public seems tired of the eccentric rapper. Now comes the next bad news for him - he is not allowed to sell his provocative "White lives matter" shirts.

Black Community thwarts Ye

Quinton Ward and Ramses Ja, hosts of the Civic Cypher Show, wisely secured the trademark rights for the controversial slogan aimed at ridiculing the Black Lives Matter movement. The two suspected before many others that Kanye's initiative was aimed at harming the black and brown communities in the USA. They realized before others how flimsy Ye's claims regarding BLM and George Floyd were and that nothing good could come of them. Accordingly, they made the plan to prevent further damage by securing the trademark rights. With success - Ye is not allowed to sell the shirts.

West rows back

In a clip released last week, the chaotic rapper struggles to limit the damage to himself and his brands. In it he explained that he only started these actions to create a better situation for black people in the USA. Nobody bought that from him. In the last few weeks he has tried too often to sugarcoat his bad actions and to maneuver himself out of the current situation, which is unpleasant for him, instead of showing his backbone and simply apologizing. Accordingly, the last one now seems to realize that the name Ye does not stand for "greatness", but only for megalomania. It always amazes us how intelligent people can be so stupid. But that's what happens when the ego is so big that it leaves no room for straight forward logic - let alone a corrective. You could almost feel sorry for him if you didn't know that he did everything he is currently experiencing to himself. So we read this more as a confirmation of the rule of karma. After all, Ye didn't even stop at using God for marketing purposes. The fact that God and humanity are now showing him limits can only be understood as balancing justice.

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