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Knossi calls rapper Fler in the live stream

Das Bild zeigt Streamer Knossi auf einem Whirpool sitzend. Er trägt einen blauen Jogginganzug und zeigt beiden Daumen nach oben.

A friendship has developed between ex-casino streamer Knossi and the Berlin rapper Fler that you probably would not have expected. The Berlin gangster rapper and the streamer from Baden-Württemberg could hardly be more different in character. Nevertheless, the two understand each other surprisingly well on a private level.

Fler leaked a voice message from Knossi

Als die beiden sich übers Netz kennenlernten, stand das Treffen unter keinem guten Stern. Nach einer Whats-App Konversation leakte Fler eine private Sprachnachricht von Knossi in seiner Insta Story. Knossi fand das alles andere als lustig und betitelte den Berliner Rapper als „unprofessionell“.

Knossi and Fler meet at the "Red Bull Soundclash"

Now the whole thing seems forgiven and forgotten. A few months ago, the two met in person for the first time at the Red Bull Soundclash. As it seemed, Fler and Knossi got along well right away despite the false start. In addition, Knossi Fler asked publicly via Instagram if the two could not even record a track together. Fler didn't seem averse and reposted the story.

Fler: "Knossi my sun, well what are you doing?"

When Knossi was live again, the streamer thought it would be fun to call his new buddy Fler unannounced on the stream. No sooner said than done and what few would have expected...Fler really answered the phone and you rarely see the Berlin gangster rapper like this. He greeted Knossi in a friendly tone: "Knossi my sun, so what are you doing?" After Knossi announced that he was live, he also greeted the Knossi viewers - also friendly. The two talked again about a possible joint track, whether this will really ever come about remains to be seen. Knossi also announced that he would stop by on Fler's upcoming tour and perform the song "Cordon Sport Massenmord" on stage together with Fler.

We keep an eye on the topic for you. If there is news about a joint song by Knossi and Fler - you'll hear it from us first!

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