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Lil Uzi delivers moving speech at Lotta Cash Desto's funeral

Das Bild zeigt Rapper PA Sports in der Küche sitzend. Er trägt ein schwarzes Polo Shirt und eine schwarze Hose. Die Arme sind zwischen die Beine gelegt.

Last weekend, Lil Uzi gave a moving speech at the funeral of rapper Lotta Cash Desto, who was recently killed in a shooting in Houston, Texas. The funeral took place in Desto's home of Memphis, Tennessee. Southern rap legend Lil Flip was also present and commemorated the dead along with Uzi and many other guests.

The murder of Lotta Cash Desto

Lotta Cash Desto, whose real name was Destinee Govan, was killed in a shooting in Houston on September 24. According to the Houston Chronicle, two other people were injured in the armed conflict, but survived. Christian Isaiah Williams, 24, was identified as Desto's killer and arrested. Police are looking for a second shooter. Lil Uzi Vert, who was visibly touched by the up-and-coming rapper's death, took to Twitter to comment on the murder.

Touching words from Lil Uzi

Uzi began his speech by saying that he couldn't believe Destinee, as the rapper was called in real life, would never see her again. During their time together as friends, he could never get enough of her. The two would have stuck together like pitch and brimstone. When she said goodbye to him after a day together, he always asked her when she would be back, to which she always replied: "Bro, I'm not even gone yet". Now it's what makes the famous Uzi line "All my friends are dead" from his hit "Push me to the edge" even more real. It's true that after the death of a loved one you always feel like you're on the edge of the abyss.

Uzi went on to explain that he felt closer to his girlfriend than to many other people because she had always been loyal to him. Uzi's words also got under the skin of the Houston rap legend LilFlip. In a post he publicly thanked Uzi for the love and warm words. Uzi is a "Trill One," a twist on "real one" that expresses maximum respect.

Lil Uzi Vert has proven on numerous occasions that he has a heart of gold and is always there for friends and fans. We wish him and Desto's relatives a lot of strength during this difficult time.

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