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Loredana shows herself completely without make-up

Das Bild zeigt Rapperin Loredana auf einem Bett sitzend. Sie trägt offene braune Haare und ein neon grünes Kleid.

Rapper Loredana likes style changes. From blonde to brunette and from sexy evening dress to baggy look. The 27-year-old Swiss woman is courageous when it comes to change and is always reinventing herself when it comes to her appearance.

Was Loredana at the Beauty Doc?

The rapper is also repeatedly said to have had cosmetic surgeries. So far, Loredana has neither confirmed nor denied that she has ever been to a beauty doc. But you don't have to be a surgeon to see that the 27-year-old has probably artificially helped her looks at one time or another.

Loredana hardly recognizable on a youth photo

A photo is circulating on the Internet that shows the Swiss rapper in her youth with family members. So the photo is from the time before possible cosmetic surgeries. You have to look very closely to even recognize that the person in the photo is really Loredana.

"My real me" – Loredana posts an unvarnished photo on Instagram

But no matter what look the rapper puts on, the 27-year-old always looks great in the eyes of her fans. In addition to her style, Loredana is also known for her make-up. It is not without reason that the rapper founded her own cosmetics brand. Now the rapper shows herself completely without make-up! Loredana posted a photo on Instagram that showed the rapper completely without make-up. She captioned the photo my "Real Me".

Posting such a photo on Instagram as a public figure shows great self-confidence. Not every woman would share such a photo of herself on the internet. For many prominent women, such a photo could be immensely damaging, as it would disenchant the image of perfect beauty. What exactly Loredana hopes for from the post is unclear. Maybe it's about sympathy points with the fans. Maybe for self-affirmation. In any case, it shouldn't contribute to better sales figures for her make-up line.

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