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Mats Hummels consoles himself with rappers

Das Bild zeigt Fußballer Mats Hummels mit einem schwarzem Deutschlandtrikot. Er hält die Arme vor seine Brust.

Mats Hummels is not only a passionate soccer player, but is also known to have a weakness for rap. Most recently, the 33-year-old professional athlete was spotted at an Apache concert, where he clearly had a good time. After the recent gossip about the decision of national coach Hansi Flick to rebuff Hummels for the World Cup, the BVB star consoled himself with friends from the German rap scene.

Hummels flies out of the World Cup squad

After Flick's recent decision not to take Hummels to Qatar, the Dortmund player is now thinking aloud about announcing his retirement from the national team. For Hummels, this decision means a bitter slap, as he has been preparing intensively for the current World Cup since the summer. This not only shocked the footballer, it also made him feel extremely offended. Hummels describes the situation as "one of the biggest disappointments of his career". The likeable athlete let the whole thing sink in in a small, select group together with top German rappers.

NFL with Rin, Loredana and Bausa

Instead of sticking his head in the sand, Mats Hummels attended an NFL game in Munich and posted a post from there that shows him beaming in the spectator stand. The surprisingly good mood did not come about by chance - Hummels spent a chilled evening with Rin, Loredana and Bausa. The latter shared a picture of the foursome eating on his Instagram account. The post is titled "Nice evening". Hummels, Loredana and Rin linked in it.

That this is the beginning of Hummel's rap career is unlikely. Although Hummels in particular seems to feel extreme about Rin's music. So he was hard to stop at the Juicy Beats Festival in Dortmund when Rin played his show. Hummels and the rapper have since followed each other on Instagram and seem to be good friends now.

How things will continue for Hummels is unclear. At least he doesn't have to go through this difficult phase alone.

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