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NBA YoungBoy breaks new album record

NBA YoungBoy im Profil.Er trägt eine schwarz rote Jacke und steht vor einer grünen Mamorwand.

NBA Youngboy is about to equal Jay-Z's sales record. He is now the fifth highest-selling artist in Billboard 200 chart history with a total of 5 charting albums.

YB better than Jay Z?

YB is currently tied with Jay-Z, who is considered one of the top 5 most listened to artists to date. His record is set to be broken soon, however, as NBA YoungBoy has already announced his next album, Ma, I got a family, which is due out later this month.

Jay's record equaled YB with the 3800 Degrees mixtape. The Baton Rouge rapper is using his length of time under house arrest to mass-produce albums (and kids). He is also very active on social media and now has one of the strongest online communities around. Every album or mixtape is eagerly awaited here and pushed by the fans to the highest spheres of the charts. It's that impact on fans that suggests the comparison to 2 Pac, which had a similar impact on its fans as YB does today.

The young boy becomes a man

What makes the mixtape special – NBA YoungBoy has given a platform to local rappers from Baton Rougue. He underlines his commitment to his community and now seems to have matured into a man who uses his success to achieve something return. As a father of 9, it would also be surprising if charity were alien to him. We welcome this development - especially that YB is now living up to his role model function, which he definitely has for many young people worldwide and we are happy with him about this important milestone in his career.

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