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NBA YoungBoy drops mixtape and changes label

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Das Bild zeigt Rapper NBA Youngboy vor einem schwarzen Auto. Youngboy trägt eine weiße Jacke, eine Silberkette um den Hals und zeigt mit seiner linken Hand nach oben.

Today, NBA YoungBoy dropped his fan-anticipated mixtape, Nightmare on 38th Street, which pays homage to the Baton Rouge street where YB and many members of his collective grew up.

Mixtape marks changing tide

With the recently released single “Searching”, Never Broke Again gave its fans a foretaste of the tape that has now been released, which was not released under the Atlantic Records flag, as in the past, but under Motown Records. The mixtape therefore marks the end of an era of collaboration between Never Broke Again and Atlantic Records.

The contract is settled with 4 released studio albums under Atlantic. YoungBoy not interested in further cooperation at first. In the future, YB will work with the black label Motown Records, which is part of the Universal Music Group. Never Broke Again and Motown share a common history. NBA YoungBoy has already released 2 albums here and doesn't seem to have had any bad impressions from the collaboration.

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