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New drill series "Jungle" on Amazon Prime

Das Bild zeigt eine Hand mit einem Mikrofon und einem schwarz weißem Tuch in der Hand. Im Hintergrund ist die Silhouette einer Person mit Basecap zu sehen.

Everyone who celebrates rather harder raparians, such as trap or drill, also mostly likes series like "Power", "Top Boy" or "Four Blocks", which capture the stories that we otherwise only know from rap songs and headlines in pictures. Unfortunately, the number of these series is very manageable and the respective seasons are devoured accordingly quickly. But now a new series is starting on Amazon Prime, which should make the hearts of true crime and rap fans beat faster. With “Jungle”, the video portal presents a series that once again focuses on the brutal everyday life of gang members in London.

Experimental storytelling and brutal images

What makes the series special is not only the top-class cast - most of the actors are well-known artists from the UK grime and drill scene, but also the storytelling. In real street life, developments are hardly foreseeable and accordingly difficult to plan. Accordingly, the storytelling in the series is not linear, as usual, but rather chaotic and reactive. The viewer should be given an impression of the lack of prospects that young people in London in social hotspots are exposed to every day. Protagonists meet at random, shimmy from one event to the next and become brutalized in the course of the violence, which seems to be closely intertwined with every chance to improve one's situation.

"Jungle" is not for the faint of heart

If the sight of blood and needles breaks out in a sweat, the series should probably be skipped. Because "Jungle" shows the events above all unembellished. Amazon Prime Video has promised that the series will show a world that is alien to most of society - and the streaming service should be right. If a mixture of "Euphoria", "8 Mile" and "When They See Us" paired with a complex narrative style and creative camera work sounds just right to you, you should definitely give "Jungle" a chance. The first season is already out. If this performs well, we can look forward to further seasons soon.

Source: KBE,,

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