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Newcomer rapper "Bill" beaten up by the police in Karlsruhe

Das Bild zeigt Newcomer Rapper Bill aus Karlsruhe. er steht in einer WOhnung vor einer weißen Wand mit freiem Oberkörper. Er trägt ein schwarzes Basecap verkehrtherum, eine Goldkette und ein goldenes Armband am linken Handgelenk.

Again and again, police attacks on passers-by make the headlines. It is striking how often the victims of police violence have a migration background. It has to be checked and clarified internally again and again whether such attacks have a racist background. Investigators and perpetrators are often closely intertwined. The incidents are downplayed as isolated incidents. A case like this is currently doing the rounds again. This time it hit the African-born rapper "Bill" from Karlsruhe!

Rapper "Bill" beaten and humiliated at police checkpoint

The Karlsruhe newcomer has now made his story public on Instagram. In addition to a detailed explanation of the facts, he posted two videos showing the complete incident.

“The police officers parked their car right in front of me and asked me directly for my ID without saying anything. I refused because I didn't do anything and didn't understand what the reason is now. Then everything happened.”

Police officers overpower the young rapper, pin him to the ground and beat him. When officers unleashed a dog on the black rapper, "Bill" starts screaming in pain.

It is still unclear whether the incident really has a racist background. We at KlickBoom hope that the facts will be clarified quickly and that the officers involved, who apparently reacted with disproportionate violence, will be held accountable. Racism should not have a place in any modern society. Especially not with the police, whose job it is to protect citizens and make no distinction based on skin color.

Right-wing extremism in the police, army and the protection of the constitution

The fact that right-wing extremism exists in Germany is unfortunately not a vague assumption, but the sad truth. A few years ago, the newspaper "Taz" uncovered a right-wing extremist network called "Uniter e.V.". The head of the network is the former KSK soldier André S. aka "Hannibal". He administrates a large number of chat groups in which so-called preppers prepare for "Day X". This network ran through all social classes from the police and judiciary to the protection of the constitution and the MAD (military counter-intelligence service).

Even if this network has been dissolved, it is only a drop in the bucket. In addition to this network, there will probably be a number of others that are unfortunately unknown to this day and continue to operate underground. It's about time this brown swamp was dug. Otherwise, citizens' trust in the police will continue to decline.

Source: KBE, dpa,

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