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PA Sports vs. KC Rebell: End of the beef?

Das Bild zeigt Rapper PA Sports in der Küche sitzend. Er trägt ein schwarzes Polo Shirt und eine schwarze Hose. Die Arme sind zwischen die Beine gelegt.

After a long friendship, rapper KC Rebell and PA Sports "Life is Pain" bosses fell in love in 2018. The beef between the two childhood friends has not yet been resolved. However, there has now been some development between the two parts.

KC Rebell: Still a lot to sort out with PA Sports

In February 2022, KC Rebell guest-starred in an interview with Aria Nejati, speaking about PA Sports for the first time in a long time. In the interview, KC said he didn't wish his ex-buddy anything bad. However, the 34-year-old also made it clear that a number of things had to be clarified before we could deal with each other normally. In the past, several representatives of the German rap scene tried to bring the two brawlers back together. But both parties don't seem determined enough to let the past beef rest.

Terms for beef ending between PA Sports and KC Rebell

In the current interview format by Aria Nejati, the "Life is Pain" boss himself was a guest. The question also arose as to the current relationship with former buddy KC Rebell. PA let it be known that he wasn't completely averse to clarifying the beef with KC. After all, the two rappers have a long-standing friendship. However, PA assesses the situation as rather difficult to clarify. As a prerequisite for this, he and KC would probably have to "exist in this world all alone". Not the best news for fans! PA Sports' statement gives little hope for a reconciliation between the two rappers. Unless one of the two parties dared to take the first step.

PA Sports on the current situation with KC Rebell:

"I think if the two of us existed alone in this world and no outside opinion mattered, we would sit down at a table, maybe bang our heads and insult each other briefly - but after ten minutes we would probably outweigh the positive things we experienced together. But we don't live alone in this world. There are environments, there are people whose opinion counts. Also in my life. I also have friends around me who say to me: "If you get along with him, you are this and that, so and so..." Everyone knows that I don't let that kind of thing guide me. But I think he's even more stubborn than me."

We'll keep you in the loop should there be any new info on the PA Sports and KC Rebell beef.

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