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Patron 61 – No label needs to ask for less than €500,000

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Patron 61 in einem Hotelzimmer. Die Wand im Hintergrund ist gelb beleuchtet. Patron 61 trägt einen schwarz gelben Pullover und trägt eine schwarze Sonnenbrille.

The Bielefeld rapper Patron 61 gained fame through a sophisticated scam. Deniz Muhammed Yildizbasoglu, the real name of Patron 61, ordered goods in the online mail order company “Zalando” in someone else’s name in 2021. However, the people never received the orders. These ended up on Patron 61's table. Only the bill was sent to the victims and their account was debited.

Bushido also fell victim to Patron 61

The "fraud rapper" as he calls himself, also ordered goods on behalf of prominent people. For example, the Berlin rapper Bushido fell victim to the Bielefeld fraudster. Patron 61 made over 100 orders on behalf of the EGJ boss. Deniz Muhammed Yildizbasoglu seems to know his Buis. With a strong legal team, the rapper has never been penalized, but has always gotten off with a black eye. As a law student, he probably understands better than others how to use legal gray areas to his advantage.

Patron 61 wants a €500,000 label deal

A few days ago, Patron 61 had an appointment with a label in Berlin. He posted a video on TikTok in which the rapper reported that he had been offered a label deal. However, Patron was less than enthusiastic about the terms of the contract. For an advance of €60,000, the Bielefeld should hand over 60% of his earnings to the label. How Patron thinks – way too much and for what actually? In his opinion, he can regulate what a label does himself. No label would need to ask the Bielefeld rapper for less than €500,000.

"I have a music distributor"

There are a number of portals that make it easier for artists to spread their music. These portals do nothing other than list songs on well-known streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer & Co. From then on, the songs are available to everyone. The artist pays €10 per year for a released song - the income from the streaming platforms remains 100% with the respective artist. Rapper Patron 61 has also chosen such a model and releases his music through it. Giving a large part of his income to a label therefore doesn't seem sensible to the Bielefeld-based artist.

Does a rapper even need a label these days?

As a newcomer with releases without a significant marketing budget and a team behind you, you will hardly make millions. That's why many still opt for a label deal, because there are professionals here who are expensive, but know their craft and allow artists to concentrate on their music. However, in order for labels to become aware of young artists, it makes sense to release as much music as possible in order to attract listeners and increase its market value. This is the only way to ensure that major labels also make a good offer and are satisfied with lower shares. In this respect, Patron61 has done everything right up to this point. From a certain range, working with a label is recommended, if only because of human resources and contacts, since this is probably cheaper than employing an army of staff to be able to serve the demand.

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