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"Plastic Palm Trees 3" - Bonez MC shows tour bus

Das Bild das Spotify Logo. Schwarzer Hintergrund mit grünem Kreis. Darin sind mittig drei kleine schwarze Striche übereinander

Bonez MC and RAF Camora are going on a tour of Germany with their "Palmen aus Plastik" collab for the last time. The “Plastic Palm Trees” trilogy ends with “PaP3”. Reason enough to thank the fans with a final demolition. In addition to Bonez and RAF, Gzuz, Maxwell and LX will also be part of the game. Bonez's friend Mary will also accompany the entire "PaP3" tour. The tour starts today (December 1st, 2022) in Bremen. The last date and thus also the end of an era is on December 22nd, 2022 in Munich. In total, Bonez and RAF will be on the road for 22 days.

"PaP3" tour bus with its own rims

Instead of staying in hotels, Bonez and RAF will be traveling in a specially branded tour bus. Even the rims of the bus were custom made for the right drip. A detail that very few artists can afford on tour.

"I love nothing more than touring, I swear. Touring is the meaning of my life!"

Bonez MC shows the inside of the tour bus

On Instagram, the Hamburg rapper showed his fans what the "PaP3" tour bus looks like from the inside. And you have to say, that's the way to live. A spacious cabin on the upper floor with a double bed, a couch and enough storage space for everything you need.

What should not be missing on tour?

While Bonez is filming through the tour bus, the Hamburg rapper also shows what he has packed for the 22 days on tour. In addition to a number of Lacoste baseball caps, perfumes and a Playstation 5, there is one thing that according to Bonez should not be missing under any circumstances...his beloved "Vulcano".

The "Plastic Palms 3" tour is already sold out in most cities, but there are still tickets available for some cities.

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