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PVLACE and 808 MAFIA: All fake?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Das Bild zeigt Produzent Pvlace an einem Computer sitzend. Das Zimmer ist pink beleuchtet. Er trägt ein schwarzes T-Shirt und eine goldene Kette.

The German producer PVLACE caused a stir in 2018 when he was the first German to be discovered and signed by the then most important US producer collective 808 MAFIA. With his catchy melodies, PVLACE got on the radar of Southside, the president of the 808 Mafia label, who brought the man from Heilbronn to the USA, where he soon worked with rap greats like Whiz Khalifa, Future and Migos.

Dream team PVLACE and Gunboi

As PVLACE is known for his unique melos, US producer Gunboi stands for hard slapping drums and basses - the hallmark of 808 MAFIA. Together we realized that Producer dream team big projects with big names and quickly gained international fame. In addition, the two became close friends through the intensive cooperation. Gunboi now lives in Germany, where he feels at home and continues to work as a producer. The story of PVLACE's and Gunboi's meteoric rise in international rapbuis sounds almost too good to be true. She's taking an ugly turn right now, unfortunately. Despite their shared history, the two producers have grown apart in recent months. More recently, a solid beef seems to be developing between the two.

Harsh allegations against PVLACE

The former friends are tough on each other. There are ugly allegations in the room that overshadow the success story of the two. According to Gunboi, PVLACE has repeatedly sold his beats to artists without informing him or even involving him. Gunboi is currently posting a series of videos on his TikTok channel in which he provides his community with proof of his claim that PVLACE betrayed him. The statements made by Gunboi and the evidence presented seem entirely plausible. What also makes them more credible is that PVLACE has yet to provide an explanation. The allegations remain unanswered and are interpreted by many fans as an admission of guilt. Instead, the man from Heilbronn, whose real name is Denis Berger, threatens to have Gunboi block his social media channels in text messages and sue him. In addition, he had already reported him to the tax office for tax evasion and even wanted to have his apartment evicted. Gunboi, although his Instagram channel was actually blocked, is unfazed by these threats and even shared them on TikTok.

808 MAFIA turns on

Apparently the big waves that this beef is making have now also arrived in the USA. In a recent TikTok video, Gunboi shared a reaction from Southside, the 808 MAFIA label boss himself, commenting on Gunboi's post. The explosive thing about his post is not even that he calls both PVLACE and Gunboi "nobodies" visibly annoyed, but that he says PVLACE is not part of the 808 MAFIA and he can't wait to meet him. Does this mean that PVLACE was never part of 808 MAFIA and the success story as we know it never happened? There is no question that PVLACE worked with 808 Mafia. However, it is not yet clear what the relationship was. The only information about this can be found in PVLACE's Lives, in which he responds to fan questions. In it he states that he has been contractually obliged. Whether and how long this contractual relationship actually existed was never commented on by 808 MAFIA. Until now!

808 MAFIA: "There was never a contract"

Shalizi, a manager at 808 Mafia, also recently released a statement to PVLACE, stating that he had never had a contractual relationship. It's true that Southside wanted to integrate him into the 808 mafia and offered him a platform because he didn't expect to be exploited by him. PVLACE then began distributing merch in Europe under the brand 808 MAFIA Europe, which Southside prohibited him from doing. He offered PVLACE a deal that would have allowed him to use the 808 MAFIA brand to distribute his merch in Europe. Instead, the German producer wanted to start a merch collab with Southside and tried to sell him sample packs, but the label boss refused both of these things. Accordingly, there is currently no contract between 808 MAFIA and PVLACE that would entitle him to sell products on behalf of 808 MAFIA. A series of harsh allegations that are being thrown around and that don't fit at all with the image that we actually have of PVLACE. In any case, we are curious to see how the German platinum producer reacts to these allegations. We hope that he will soon live up to his responsibility towards his fans and create clarity. After all, he is a great inspiration for many young producers worldwide. As soon as there is news on the subject, you will hear it - as always - first from us!

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