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Pvlace Responds to "Beat Theft"

Das Bild zeigt Producer Pvlace. Er sitz auf einer Terasse in einem höherem Stockwerk. Im Hintergrund seit mehrere Wolkenkratzer zu sehen. Pvlace trägt ein schwarzes T-Shirt und eine schwarze Sonnenbrille. Am Arm trägt er eine silberne Uhr.

Not so long ago, Pvlace and Gunboi were considered a dream producer team. In recent weeks, the formerly friendly relationship has been overshadowed by unpleasant allegations. Gunboi accuses his former producer colleague of having enriched himself with his work and having sold it several times without sharing in the reputational or financial success.

The reproach

In several videos, Gunboi documents the extent of the alleged theft and juxtaposes his original productions with a series of releases released by Pvlace seemingly without his knowledge or involvement. Gunboi's reasoning seems plausible. There is no doubt that the productions, some of which have charted highly, are Gunboi's works. However, the credits that are essential for producers are missing. All productions are identified as Pvlace's work. The German "superproducer" kept quiet about the accusations for a long time, which strengthened the impression on the part of the fans that Gunboi's accusations are correct. Pvlace has now joined the discussion and explains the situation as follows:

In a half-hour video, Heilbronner commented on the allegations and expressed serious doubts about Gunboi's sanity. The current situation is due to the fact that Gunboi has literally gone mad due to a lack of success and is therefore currently grasping at straws to improve his economic situation. In particular, the loss in value of an NFT that Gunboi has financially secured according to Pvlace is now driving him to his "acts of desperation". Said releases happened by mutual agreement. Contrary to what he said, Gunboi would have been paid for it. It had been agreed with Gunboi that the productions would be marketed under the Pvlace name. Pvlace presents a calculation as proof, which is difficult to assign by outsiders and is therefore not really suitable for convincing evidence. A look at the supposed agreement in which Gunboi agrees to his work being marketed under his name would have been more convincing.

Gunboi's reaction

The US producer, who now lives in Germany, is unimpressed by Pvlace's explanation and, as always, responds with humor, even though Pvlace has made some really gross moves against him. Pvlace and his manager Gunboi repeatedly threatened in text messages to take everything away from him. They reported him to the tax office for tax evasion, had his Instagram account blocked and even tried to get Gunboi's lease terminated. However, he was not intimidated and repeatedly took these threats as an opportunity for new evidence videos on TikTok. Many fans already refer to Gunboi's video series as their favorite netfix series. The "character assassination" that Pvlace Gunboi is now accusing is taking place without a doubt. In our opinion, however, this is more of a "reputation suicide", since Pvlace's reputation is only damaged by the sometimes pathetic actions that the producer undertakes against Gunboi. If he had made a clean sweep from the start and made a public statement, the damage to his reputation could have been avoided. Pvlace, whose real name is Denis Berger, decided on a different path. Gunboi did nothing more than expose this path. If Pvlace doesn't get off well, it's because there's nothing good about left-wing actions, theft and slander. Rather, this is in stark contrast to the successful but humble producer he sells himself as. The fact that Southside and the 808 Mafia management have distanced themselves from Pvlace and stated that he is not part of their collective doesn't necessarily help him maintain that image either. Taking a stand on his relationship with the 808 Mafia only now in the course of the dispute underscores Gunboi's credibility rather than helping him to punish these lies.

The bottom line is that Pvlace didn't do himself any favors with his actions against Gunboi. As Southside pointed out somewhat harshly but quite correctly, Pvlace is a "nobody" without the 808 Mafia label. It remains to be seen how things will continue for him and whether Sony will continue the contractual relationship with him. Gunboi seems to be the undeniable and deserved winner of this argument, as he's gained range in the process and hasn't deigned to attack Pvlace on a personal level. Pvlace, on the other hand, hasn't exactly covered itself in glory. If he and Gunboi had been as good friends as he claims, he would hardly have deigned to go to the lowest level to silence Gunboi for his supposed revenge. After several weeks, coming up with no better explanation than "Gunboi is crazy" is unlikely to help him reverse this bad impression. We hope this dispute can be resolved soon and Gunboi and Pvlace can get back to doing what they do best - making beats. If there is any news, you will hear it - as always - first from us.

Source: KBE,

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