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RAF Camora buys its 15th property

Das Bild zeigt den Rapper RAF Camora vor einem schwarzen Auto. Er trägt schwarze Klamotten und eine verspiegelte Sonnenbrille.

Who the richest German rapper is cannot really be said without an insight into all the figures and investments. It is clear that RAF Camora is a strong contender for first place. Born in Switzerland, he is not only very successful with his music, but also with his business outside of the German rap scene and rakes in millions every year.

Raf Camora's earnings in 2019

In an interview, the rapper revealed that he earned a whopping €17 million in 2019. Surprisingly, the income from his music made up the smallest part. Only 12% of the 17 million euros RAF Camora generated through streaming numbers and sold sound carriers. The Swiss earned the remaining 15 million through merchandise, fashion and live concerts. Other lines of business are not even included.

What is RAF Camora investing its money in?

RAF Camora has publicly announced several times that it will invest its money in various facilities. Among other things, the rapper invests his money in the crypto and NFT market. However, real estate seems to be the best investment for RAF, as this is where the largest profit margins are achieved.

RAF Camora owns properties in Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Dubai, Vienna

RAF now owns properties around the world. A few years ago, the diamond rapper bought an apartment in Barcelona. His portfolio now also includes properties in Berlin, Dubai and Vienna. In an interview, the diamond rapper explained that he owns several apartments in Vienna alone, but that Berlin is his main residence.

RAF Camora buys property nr. 15 - A villa in Ibiza

Now RAF Camora has fulfilled its next dream and bought another property abroad. He presented the new villa to his fans on Instagram. This has a huge terrace, a pool and a fantastic view of the sea. A perfect place to escape the winter in Germany or Switzerland.

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