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Samra - 2.5 million euros in sales in 5 hours

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Samra auf einem gelben Stein vor einem Cafe sitzend. Er trägt eine weiße Shorts und ein gelbes Basketballtrikot.

After shisha tobacco, iced tea and pizza conquered the German rap market, there is now the next hype - vapes! Disposable e-cigarettes can now be purchased at any Späti or gas station and cost around 10 euros. Both with and without nicotine, the vapes from Mango to Ice Cola are available in a number of flavors.

Haftbefehl, Gzuz & 18 Karat have their own vape on the market

Some rappers recognized early on that a hype was developing around the so-called vapes and opened a new side business for me. Among others, Haftbefehl and Gzuz have launched their own vape. Both are produced by the same manufacturer. Rapper 18 Karat, who has been in prison since June 2022, also has his own vape, but it is only sold online.

Fler & Capital Bra also announce their own vape

The Berlin rapper Fler also wants to follow suit soon and announced the “Electro Smog-Vape” on Instagram. According to his own statement, this should put all previous vapes in the shade. Capital Bra also wants to launch the “Capi Vape” soon. The difference to most vapes. The "Capi Vape" lights up colorfully and changes color when you pull on it. It is not yet known when the Bratan and Fler will drop their vapes. It is not entirely uncritical to see that the products are obviously tailored to young people. Vapes generally remain to be taken with a pinch of salt. A number of vape-related deaths among teenagers have recently occurred in the United States. Many young adults suffer from serious lung diseases.

"Undercover Vape" by Samra - 250,000 pre-orders in a few hours

Samra announces the "Undercover Vape" on Instagram. The drop, the e-cigarette, should take place this December. As with most other vapes, Samra's "Undercover Vapes" are available with and without nicotine and in various flavors and cost €9.95 each.

Just five hours after Samra announced his vape, the Berlin rapper announced on Instagram that he had received 250,000 pre-orders in that short time. At a price of €9.95 per vape, you can achieve sales of around €2.5 million in just five hours!

Sourcee: KBE,

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