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Samra dissed ex-Label Universal Music

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Samra vor einem schwarzem Auto auf der Straße. Er trägt ein weißes Shirt, weißes Basecap, eine schwarze Hose und eine Jeansjacke. Die Hände hält er vor den Hosentaschen.

In the summer of 2021, influencer Nika Irani made serious allegations against rapper Samra. She claimed that the Berliner raped her and published several videos on Instagram about these allegations. Samra himself was about to lose everything he had built up over the years.

Media partners stop working with Samra

After the message went viral, cooperation partners immediately stopped working with the rapper. Among other things, Samra's Dry Gin was about to be released - this was canceled at short notice by the beverage manufacturer Berentzen due to the allegations of rape and has not been released to date.

Samra's label also puts the collaboration on hold

In addition to media partners, his former label also turned away from him for the time being and put all planned productions on hold. The 27-year-old was signed to Universal Music at the time. After clarification of the facts, the collaboration should continue, but Samra felt betrayed by his label and ended the partnership with Universal.

Samra dissed the ex-label in the new track "Penthousedach"

Although some time has passed since the incident, Samra does not seem to have finished with his former label. He posted a preview of his upcoming track Penthousedach on Instagram, shooting a few lines at Universal Music.

We are happy that despite this serious accusation, Samra didn't let it get her down and continues to be musically successful. He shows that this is also possible today without a major label. We wish him and his label "Cataleya Edition" all the best.

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